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Law Office of Aaron Christoff Alexandria, Virginia

"Pleasant, thorough, professional, and good at what they do. I’ve worked with Alex and Envescent for years now and it’s been nothing but a positive experience. When I’ve had a problem, it’s been fixed. When I needed to expand my network, they took care of it all. My inquiries are always responded to quickly and I’ve found them to be reliable in their time and cost estimates as well." - Aaron Christoff, Attorney

Energy Ventures Analysis Arlington, Virginia

“The small business I work for has been using Envescent since mid-2014 with great results. Alex, the managing partner, has done everything from data recovery to network setup to hardware replacement for us. He is always very prompt, polite, and knowledgeable, and the service is very reasonably priced. Definitely recommend.” - Rob Jennings, Manager

Roumell Asset Management Chevy Chase, Maryland

Envescent has been our IT consultant for 14 years. They stay on top of current events and respond quickly to new risks to ensure that our firm operates in a safe and secure environment. Envescent also worked with us to develop external and internal back-up procedures for our server to allow for business continuity in the event our office server ever becomes unavailable. This capability gives us great comfort." - Craig Lukin, Partner

Zimpatica Fairfax, Virginia

"We’ve worked with Envescent for over 3 years now. They provide a critical role in securing our networks and devices. Alex is intimately involved with his clients, proactively notifying us of critical security issues and usually responding within mere minutes whenever I’ve reached out for support. The Envescent team also stays on top of emerging trends, both from a security perspective as well as overall technology and has counseled us on numerous different IT subjects." - Walter Borges, COO

The importance of DMARC as phishing attacks are on the rise

Phishing attacks are up over 600% since the beginning of CoVID-19. Many of these attacks target companies and are taking advantage that much of the workforce may still be working remotely, and therefore not have the same level of protection or communication they enjoyed previously.


Remote work

Securing your business’ remote workforce: part 2

Businesses are adapting to a new world, where working remotely is a necessity for safety and continuing to stay productive. Remote work has major implications for security, both because home networks and systems tend to be less secure, and because the threats targeting remote workers are significantly on the rise. In the last couple of months, since the coronavirus pandemic began to hit, we’ve observed, and other researchers have documented, a 667% increase in attacks. These attacks include phishing, malware, remote hacking efforts and related threats.


remote worker

Securing your business’ remote workforce: part 1

With novel coronavirus (COVID-19) creating more demand for companies to facilitate remote work capabilities for employees, security must be carefully managed. A number of new threat trends are specifically targeting remote workers, including phishing, malware, directed attacks on home networks and more. We have compiled this list of best practices and configurations to avoid to assist your company in managing its remote workforce and maximizing security resilience as a follow-up to our article about preparing your business for remote work. In addition, please review our cybersecurity presentation for SMBs: risks, trends and best practices.


Remote worker graphic

Businesses should prepare for remote work for an extended duration

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating significant disruptions in business operations. Wherever possible, we strongly recommend that businesses put continuity plans in place to facilitate remote work and collaboration for an extended period of time. As a part of these continuity plans we recommend ensuring that remote workers are able to conduct their business securely, and that functionality is tested before going in to production.


Cybersecurity for small and medium-sized business presentation

Many businesses tend to underestimate their cybersecurity risks, and as a result, make themselves appetizing targets for malicious hackers, malware and other problematic activity.

Cybersecurity is a critical part of every business’ operational durability. Without attention to it, an attack can be crippling. We recommend business owners and managers view cybersecurity as an investment, rather than a sunk cost, as it pays in dividends of business continuity and resilience.