Cybersecurity incident response services

Every company that uses the Internet in any capacity is subjected to attacks.  These attacks may vary from the benign to the catastrophic.

Envescent provides effective defensive and analytical capabilities

We offer security incident response capabilities tailored to the urgency of the situation and the extent of the attack.  We will work with your company to assess the damage, and react accordingly.  Our experts investigate the origins of the attack, work on patching the components that were exploited as well as auditing other elements of network and system security for further vulnerabilities.


Time is on the side of malicious hackers.

After an incident has occurred a swift and thorough response is optimal to ensuring continuity and restoring security. Some malicious hackers may choose to destroy or encrypt assets, password protect components and then demand funds to restore access.  Many attacks will have a profit motive and target sensitive information.

Cleaning up compromised systems quickly can mitigate information leakage and reduce liability and damage to a business’ reputation.

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