Cybersecurity business threat intelligence analysis

We work with you to identify intruders, trace attacks, analyze malware, monitor for suspicious activity and more.

Network and information security intelligence services

If you suspect malicious activity on your computer or network then it’s critical to begin gaining intelligence about the extent and origin of the breach as soon as possible. Envescent offers intelligence gathering and analysis services ranging from network traffic analysis to attack fingerprinting, tracing of IP addresses, social media and search engine information research and comprehensive reporting.

Most attackers will work hard to not be identifiable.  We can utilize a variety of information assets and leverage them against our research capabilities to track down malicious attackers and reverse engineer their malware or phishing attempts.

Threat intelligence

An experience-driven approach tailored toward your business.

Every incident is different and each organization has a variety of assets that may be more or less sensitive to disruption or information leakage. For these reasons we handle each case individually and work with our clients to achieve the best results possible.

Envescent’s security experts can also provide assessments of the vulnerabilities in your networks, computers, servers and other components to determine what measures can be taken to mitigate the chance of future attacks.  In addition we can work with you to upgrade those systems and provide ongoing security support.

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