Cloud consulting and support services in Arlington, Virginia

EnvescentĀ can help your business leverage the cloud to save on IT costs and improve productivity. Many businesses still utilize internal infrastructure, such as a self-hosted e-mail server, file server, web server or locally hosted applications. We can help your business move to cloud-based services as well as administrate the current cloud-based services your company uses.

We offer local services in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC as well as remote services globally.

We have expertise working with many platforms.


  • Amazon AWS and related services.
  • Google Compute Cloud, Drive, Docs, AdSense, AdWords, Apps, Analytics, My Business (listings).
  • Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Office 365, Outlook 365.
  • VMware virtualization of your servers and systems.
  • Customized cloud-based platforms that we design and build specifically for your enterprise.
  • Solutions to allow your local systems to integrate with cloud-based applications and data.
  • Off-site cloud backup solutions for servers and workstations.

Our thoughtful professionals can help every step of the way.

Whether your company is just beginning to look at the potential of the cloud to scale its operations and reduce IT costs or if you are fully invested in the cloud, Envescent’s experts can help guide your decisions, implement solutions and provide support when trouble arises.

Contact us to learn more about our cloud consulting and support services. We’re delighted to help your business grow!