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Cybersecurity a growing concern for small business

Data breaches grace the headlines at least once a week these days.  Companies whose sensitive information has been compromised by unauthorized parties on a massive scale.  Many of them suffering from irreparable financial and reputation damage.

Imagine an Internet of malicious things

The Internet of Things is (IoT) is the concept of many different devices which connect together to bring about a richer online experience.  These items include routers, automation systems, Internet telephony, security cameras, file sharing network drives and other network appliance devices.

SEC cybersecurity guidance for investment managers

In April, 2015, The SEC issued cybersecurity guidelines for money managers and investment advisers. These guidelines provided best practices for mitigating information leakage risks and improving data security. Too often many smaller investment houses may not have knowlegeable staff to implement these SEC best practices.

Sea change in credit card liability for small business

New requirements for merchants will cause a significant shift in business liability for certain types of credit card fraud. But many business owners are not ready and even more have not heard about this change in payment processing.

Information technology support tips for small business

Businesses rely on information technology to improve productivity, share information and reduce the time it takes to communicate. Despite how important information technology is to their success many small businesses tend to manage it poorly.  For the most part this has to do with the depth of expertise and investment of time that is necessary to ensure that software, hardware, networks and telephony are maintained to promote maximum stability and security.