In-depth assessment of your exploitable attack surface

Network and system vulnerability audits show what resources may be exploitable. Penetration tests demonstrate whether that attack surface can actually be exploited. The results are beneficial for compliance and having a better handle of the actual attack surface exposed to exploitation.

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Envescent provides comprehensive penetration testing services for small, medium and large businesses in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia area and beyond. We utilize cutting edge techniques and capabilities to provide the most accurate and complete results possible

Our experts will work with you to identify soft spots in your security and determine if they are able to be penetrated for privilege escalation, data exfiltration, denial of service attacks and more. Knowing your network and systems true attack surface allows remediation to focus on the most immediate and critical threats first, ensuring effective utilization of resources. We work closely with our clients to ensure we provide the most effective solution to their security concerns and compliance requirements.

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