Leave no stone unturned: thorough cybersecurity audits

Envescent specializes in cybersecurity audits, providing comprehensive assessments that focus on finding security vulnerabilities.  We customize the scope of our assessment based on your company’s primary concerns. Our experts have decades of experience and are local, based in Arlington, Virginia.

Our core five categories of cybersecurity focus include:

  • Computer and mobile security — each Mac, PC or mobile device has its own programs, firmware, configuration and potential security problems. We audit each one individually, unearthing potential security problems and providing recommendations to address them.
  • Server and cloud security — your company relies on servers. Whether internal (such as a file server) or external (such as a web or mail systems hosted in the cloud) every piece of your company’s infrastructure should be audited to determine how vulnerable it is to attack and what can be done to mitigate the attack surface.
Cybersecurity audits help protect businesses.

Cybersecurity audits are more important than ever.

  • Network security — Every device on your network that isn’t a computer or server (such as routers, firewalls, switches, wireless access points, security cameras, network printers, etc) poses a real world security threat. These devices are often ignored, and can lead to serious vulnerabilities. We’ll perform a cybersecurity audit on each device individually and advise your company accordingly.
  • Physical security — No one wants to imagine a break-in, but to mitigate all security risks it is important to look at your premises. Is your critical network and server infrastructure behind a locked door? Do only authorized parties have keys? Is your office itself secure or are the locks easily picked? Are passwords kept in plain sight? We can check to ensure that your premises is secure.
  • Human security — People can be security risks as well. Sometimes it may be a well intentioned employee trying to help who they think is a service person calling on the phone (giving them information without knowing who they truly are). We can help to evaluate peripheral and direct human security risks and ensure your company is advised on how to handle them.

Cybersecurity audit

Once we help your company determine exactly what needs to be addressed through our comprehensive cybersecurity audit process, we will formulate and propose a plan of action to remedy the problems we have uncovered. This can include routine IT maintenance, adding new protection to your computers, servers and network as well as recommending better site security and training for employees.

Every business is different, so there are no proactive cooker cutter approaches. That’s why we audit first and act on the audit to provide the most comprehensive, logical and effective approach possible.

By addressing cybersecurity vulnerabilities before a data breach, you may save your business countless hours, significant funds and avoid reputational risk.

Envescent has been helping local companies with cybersecurity since 1999 (when cybersecurity had yet to become a buzzword). We’re delighted to guide your company.

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