Give your business an edge with our research.

Envescent offers information-driven business research services related to your business and its core offerings.  We translate complex issues in to simple concepts that your business can utilize to enhance its competitive advantage.  Putting the pieces of your technology puzzle together for you in a way that makes sense for your company.

Business intelligence

We have a broad range of information gathering and analysis capabilities.

  • Executive summaries of critical IT developments: We summarize current events with an emphasis on how they are relevant to your organization and its business strategy.  Keeping up to date can afford your organization opportunities to leverage new, disruptive technology or avoid unnecessary upgrades.
  • Easy to digest cybersecurity bulletins: Most organizations use a variety of hardware and software, making management of security issues complex and unmanageable.  We simplify security by identifying the insecure components and providing advisories and resolutions as they become available.
  • Technology and business trend forecasts: Computers and communications are the fastest changing fields in the world. We assist your organization in digesting these trends from a macro perspective, sifting through the hype to find valuable innovations.
  • IT product and service analysis: Purchasing decisions are often daunting and come with a myriad of potential complications. Our experience can help direct your purchasing process to maximize value.
  • Social media intelligence: Engage with your current and future audience through the most effective social platforms for your key demographics. Gather information on local markets and competition.
  • Internet marketing guidance: Every company should have a customized approach that focuses on their key markets and core offerings.

Envescent provides insightful technology research specialized for your business.

Our research services are guided by the principle that information is power, and an informed company can succeed where others cannot.

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