Data backup solutions for your business’ critical information

A true backup strategy is crucial to make sure your data is protected during an emergency event. Envescent’s Reflect Backup solution is built to protect your business from the disaster of data loss.

  • Only 6% of companies that have a serious data loss remain in business beyond two years.
  • Most companies do not backup frequently enough to capture important changes.
  • Many companies never test their backups. Without a fire drill (testing your backup) you won’t know if it works.

What is a true backup strategy?

  • Backup is a regular copy of your data that is separate from your normal data storage.
  • A true backup strategy keeps snapshots of data from specific times over a long period using a retention plan.
  • This way when your data is corrupted, overwritten, or unnecessarily deleted and the data loss is not immediately discovered, you can go back to find a working copy.
  • Keeping only the most recent snapshot exposes you to potential issues if an important loss of data is discovered too late.
  • Envescent Reflect Backup automates all the core functionality of a true backup strategy securely and safely.

Have you tested your backup?

  • You should test your backup to make sure that the data can be recovered in an emergency.
  • Backups can fail, be corrupted, or be improperly configured.
  • Make sure you check backup logs to ensure that there are no errors which need to be corrected.
  • Envescent Reflect Backup can automate consistency checking and provide results by e-mail.

Where should you keep your backup?

  • A well-secured, on-site copy of a backup is very handy for quickly restoring data in the case of a minor outage or data loss.
  • An off-site copy or cloud copy will ensure possible business continuity in case of a severe local site loss.
  • Envescent Reflect backup offers local, cloud and hybrid storage solutions.

What doesn’t a backup do?

  • Backup is not a business continuity or contingency plan: You should have a separate plan to make sure you have the hardware, software, and network resources available quickly in case of a catastrophic loss.
  • Backup doesn’t protect you from malware, hacking, or their after effects: While it is good to have snapshots of your data from before the time a breach occurs, you will need to make sure your devices and data are both protected from as much potential abuse as possible, and to make sure your devices and data can be fully cleaned and vetted if a breach occurs.
  • Recognizing these general limitations, our Reflect Backup solution can help to identify potential ransomware attempts to encrypt data and stop them from impacting the backup.

How can I make sure I have adequate backup protection?

  • The first step is to make sure you know where all your essential data is stored (and this may be a good time to consolidate and protect that data).
  • Once you know what needs to be backed up, we can work with you to create an appropriately sized solution.
  • We can work with you to ensure your backup is properly setup, tested and maintained.
  • Our Reflect Backup solution can also help to backup large and complex sets of data to local and cloud-based backups utilizing encryption in transit and at rest.