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We can recover data from even the most troublesome devices. Envescent, LLC offers hard disk drive, SSD, RAID, NAS and USB flash media data recovery locally from experts that will work with you personally.  No need to ship off your drives!

Our data recovery lab is located in Arlington, Virginia and offers a 90% success rate*, rapid turn around times and competitive prices. We also offer clients several convenient drop-off locations around the area in Alexandria, Virginia; Arlington, Virginia; McLean, Virginia and Washington, DC.

Our mission is to offer competitively priced data recovery with the best success rate possible. We use a combination of proprietary in-house technology with industry standard equipment and techniques. Envescent is a family-owned business that has been serving the Washington, DC metropolitan area’s data recovery needs since 1999.

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A lot of companies claim to offer data recovery services.  It is absolutely critical for clients to choose a company that is qualified to handle their problem as improper data recovery attempts can and will damage your prospects of a successful extraction.


We frequently encounter hard drives and other equipment that have been mishandled or destroyed through improper measures. Please do not open up your hard drive or attempt to recover your data. Important data should always be recovered by trained professionals.

We frequently encounter hard drives and other equipment that have been mishandled or destroyed through improper measures. Our data recovery process is the most comprehensive possible and no cost or effort is spared to reunite you with your valuable information.

 No two cases are the same. We will ensure your data recovery is handled diligently.

We have three phases of data recovery. Prices and turn around times vary depending on the condition of your hard drive and its file system. Encrypted drives, SSDs,  RAIDs, multiple drives and other non-standard configurations may incur extra data recovery fees.

  • PHASE 1: If your drive and file system are in relatively good condition and you require a simple data recovery. We can extract and copy data to an external hard drive or another computer the estimate cost is usually about $150.00 to $200.00. This covers removal of malware, minor file system repairs, file permission repairs, etc. The process usually takes about 1-3 business days.
  • PHASE 2: If instead your drive has been damaged and it needs advanced data recovery the estimate is usually about $250.00 to $600.00 depending on the amount of damage and how that complicates the process for us. This process usually takes about 1-2 business weeks.
  • PHASE 3: Some drives may be extremely damaged and require mechanical data recovery services. This is only about 10% of cases we see. This operation costs $975.00. This process usually takes about 2-3 business weeks.

Envescent has been serving the Arlington, Virginia area and beyond since 1999. Our team gives your data recovery the attention it deserves to give you the best results possible. We have an impressive 90% success rate on data recovery cases.

Every case matters to us because we understand your data is made up of hard (if not impossible) to replace files or time.  That’s time that could be otherwise allocated if the data was made available again.

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* Success rate based on the total average number of successful data recoveries we have had since 1999.

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