Top ten tips to tighten small business cybersecurity

Small businesses are often targeted by malicious hackers. The motivation for this activity comes down to the perception of softer cybersecurity. Many small companies have easier to access sensitive resources and lower awareness of unauthorized activity on their systems and network(s).


Wireless Key Reinstallation Attacks (Krack)

It has recently come to our attention that there is an extremely severe wireless attack crippling the security of wireless networks. The nature of the attach is such that it allows attackers to decrypt wireless traffic as well as inject malicious content in to certain protocols. This vulnerability opens up wireless networks to a series of dangerous situations, whereas an outside intruder can spy or infect computers, as well as gain access to the network to launch more sophisticated attacks.


Malware (artist interpretation)

The menace of malware; reacting to an ever changing threat paradigm

What if every day a new threat was on the horizon?  It would be seemingly overwhelming!  But what if every day tens of thousands of new threats were appearing, and the majority have yet to be identified?  Scary as that may seem we must face reality and realize that is the world we live in.  And for that reason there is no way to protect from malware by only using a reactive approach.>